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Nokia Services Architecture | Nokia Networks: https://networks.nokia.com/src/exam/services-architecture

Latest Updates Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-104 Exam Practice Questions and Answers


Which of the following SAPs will forward all tagged and untagged frames on the port?
A. sap 1/1/1
B. sap 1/1/1:.0 C. sap 1/1/1:0.
D. sap 1/1/1:0

Correct Answer: A


Which tree in the CLI would you need to be in to add a QoS policy to a SAP?
A. config>router#
B. config>qos#
C. config>port#
D. config>service#

Correct Answer: D


What is the minimum Ethernet physical network MTU required for a Layer 2 service on an MPLS encapsulated SDP
with a service MTU of 1518?
A. 1520
B. 1540
C. 1548
D. 1556

Correct Answer: B


Which VPWS service would be used to create a point-to-point Frame Relay service?
A. E-pipe
B. A-pipe
C. F-pipe
D. I-pipe
E. C-pipe

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following about F-pipes is FALSE?
A. F-pipes use SAPs in the form of port: DLCI (e.g. 1/2/3:65).
B. To the customer, the PE appears as a native Frame Relay UNI (User-Network Interface).
C. Multiple Frame Relay circuits can be mapped to a single F-pipe service on the Nokia 7750 SR.
D. The MPLS control word is required because the Frame Relay header is not encapsulated in the frame.

Correct Answer: C


What Nokia 7750 SR OAM tool can be used to verify the end-to-end connectivity of a service?
A. Sdp-ping
B. Isp-ping
C. Svc-ping
D. Sdp-mtu

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following about the components of service on the Nokia 7750 SR is FALSE?
A. An SDP can be used by more than one service.
B. An SAP can only be created on an access port.
C. The same SAP ID can be used on different PEs by the same service.
D. A customer can only have a single service associated to it.

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following about VPRN route targets is FALSE?
A. Route targets are carried in MP-BGP updates.
B. Route targets identify the VRF that a VPN-IPv4 prefix is associated with.
C. Route targets are communicated between PEs that are part of a specific VPRN.
D. Route targets identify the egress SAP of service towards a CE.

Correct Answer: D


A customer has sites on three different Nokia 7750 SRs. The customer requires a fully-meshed VPLS. Which of the
following is TRUE?
A. Each router requires 1 SDP.
B. Each router requires 2 SDPs.
C. Each router requires 3 SDPs.
D. Each router requires 6 SDPs.

Correct Answer: B


Which utility on the Nokia 7750 SR can be used to investigate an MPLS path?
A. Isp-trace
B. Idp-trace
C. Sdp-ping
D. Svc-ping
E. Ping

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding service mirroring?
A. Mirror slicing is used to logically separate a port that is being monitored.
B. Mirror slicing configuration is earned out in the mirror destination.
C. By default, mirror slicing is enabled so that only the protocol headers of data traffic are replicated to a mirror port.
D. The maximum number of mirror slices that can be made on a network and access port are 256 and 8, respectively

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following about SDPs is FALSE?
A. Spoke SDPs prevent loops in a VPLS.
B. Mesh SDPs and spoke SDPs can be used in the same VPLS.
C. A spoke SDP does not require the routers at both ends to be directly connected.
D. A mesh SDP is identical to a spoke SDP except for its flooding behavior.

Correct Answer: A

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