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CCNP Enterprise 350-401 Exam Questions Online Practice Test:

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Lead4Pass 350-401 dumps13Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) & CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure & CCIE Enterprise Wireless350-401

Which antenna type should be used for a site-to-site wireless connection?

A. Omnidirectional

B. dipole

C. patch

D. Yagi

Correct Answer: D

latest 350-401 exam questions 1

A Yagi antenna contains a dipole but also has reflectors and directors.


A customer has a pair of Cisco 5520 WLCs set up in an SSO cluster to manage all APs. Guest traffic is anchored to a Cisco 3504 WLC located in a DM2.

Which action is needed to ensure that the EolP tunnel remains in a UP state in the event of failover on the SSO cluster?

A. Use the mobility MAC when the mobility peer is configured

B. Use the same mobility domain on all WLCs

C. Enable default gateway reachability check

D. Configure back-to-back connectivity on the RP ports

Correct Answer: B


An administrator is configuring NETCONF using the following XML string. What must the administrator end the request with?

latest 350-401 exam questions 3

A. ]]>]]>




Correct Answer: A



Which two namespaces does the LISP network architecture and protocol use? (Choose two.)






Correct Answer: BE

Locator ID Separation Protocol (LISP) is a network architecture and protocol that implements the use of two namespaces instead of a single IP address: + Endpoint identifiers (EIDs)–assigned to end hosts. + Routing locators (RLOCs)-assigned to devices (primarily routers) that make up the global routing system.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/iproute_lisp/configuration/xe-3s/irl-xe-3s-book/irl-overview.html


Refer to the exhibit.

latest 350-401 exam questions 5

Which router is elected as the VRRP primary virtual router?

A. Router B

B. Router D

C. Router C

D. Router A

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.

latest 350-401 exam questions 6

Which command allows hosts that are connected to FastEthernet0/2 to access the Internet?

A. ip nat inside source list 10 interface FastEthernet0/1 overload

B. ip nat inside source list 10 interface FastEthernet0/2 overload

C. ip nat outside source list 10 interface FastEthernet0/2 overload

D. ip nat outside source static overload

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following are valid Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) modes? (Choose two.)

A. On

B. Active

C. Passive

D. Auto

E. Desirable

Correct Answer: DE


What are the two benefits of virtual switching when compared to hardware switching? (Choose two.)

A. increased MTU size

B. hardware independence

C. VM-level isolation

D. increased flexibility

E. extended 802.1Q VLAN range

Correct Answer: BD


Which of the following statements regarding BFD is correct? (Select 2 choices.)

A. BFD is supported by OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, and IS-IS.

B. BFD detects link failures in less than one second.

C. BFD can bypass a failed peer without relying on a routing protocol.

D. BFD creates one session per routing protocol per interface.

E. BFD is supported only on physical interfaces.

F. BFD consumes more CPU resources than routing protocol timers do.

Correct Answer: AB


Which tunneling technique is used when designing a Cisco SD-Access fabric data plane?


B. VRF Lite



Correct Answer: D

latest 350-401 exam questions 10


Refer to the exhibit. R2 is the neighboring router of R1. R2 receives an advertisement for network 192 168.10.50/32.

Which configuration should be applied for the subnet to be advertised with the original /24 netmask?

latest 350-401 exam questions 11

A. R1(config)# router ospf 1 R1(config-router)# network area 0

B. R1(config)#interface loopback0 R1(config-if)# ip ospf 1 area 0

C. R1(config)# interface loopback0 R1(config-if)# ip ospf network point-to-point

D. R1(config)# interface loopback0 R1(config-if)# ip ospf network non-broadcast

Correct Answer: C

Loopback Networks The OSPF network-type loopback is enabled by default for loopback interfaces and can be used only on loopback interfaces.

The OSPF loopback network type states that the IP address is always advertised with a /32 prefix length, even if the IP address configured on the loopback interface does not have a /32 prefix length.

It is possible to demonstrate this behavior by reusing Figure 8-11 and advertising a Loopback 0 interface. Example 8-21 provides the updated configuration.

Notice that the network type for R2\’s loopback interface is set to the OSPF point-to-point
network type.


Which statement about Cisco EAP-FAST is true?

A. It does not require a RADIUS server certificate

B. It requires a client certificate

C. It is an IETF standard.

D. It operates in a transparent mode

Correct Answer: A

The Cisco switch was configured with PAgP, which is a Cisco proprietary protocol so a non-Cisco switch could not communicate.

If your environment is relatively small or you do not have a RADIUS server in production, you can use an authentication server that is built into the WLC. This is called Local EAP, and it supports LEAP, EAP-FAST, PEAP, and EAP-TLS.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/4400-series-wireless-lan-controllers/99791-eapfast-wlc-rad-config.html


What is the function of a VTEP in VXLAN?

A. provide the routing underlay and overlay for VXLAN headers

B. dynamically discover the location of end hosts in a VXLAN fabric

C. encapsulate and de-encapsulate traffic into and out of the VXLAN fabric

D. statically point to end host locations of the VXLAN fabric

Correct Answer: C

VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint

The VTEP device uses this IP address to encapsulate Ethernet frames and transmits the encapsulated packets to the transport network through the IP interface.

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