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You are the purchasing manager for your company.
You need to create a trade agreement with a supplier that will allow for a price of $44.00 on product M5814 from July 1 until August 31.
What should you configure for the relation on the price/discount journal?
A. multiline discount
B. total discount
C. price
D. line discount
Correct Answer: C

You are an accounts payablecoordinator. MB6-890 pdf
You want to track the fees paid on transport for various items purchased from a vendor.
What should you do?
A. Create item charges groups.
B. Create delivery charges groups.
C. Create charge codes.
D. Create vendor charges groups.
Correct Answer: C
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QUESTION 3                MB6-890 dumps
You are a purchasing agent.
Your company agrees on a purchase price with a supplier. You create a purchase agreement.
Which two tasks can you perform with the agreement? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Createa release order when no commitment is defined for quantity of a product.
B. Create purchase agreements based on quality or weight.
C. Define a validity period for the purchase agreement.
D. Put purchase agreements on hold during ordering.
Correct Answer: CD

You are working with a vendor who supplies you with apparel and sporting good products. You are negotiating a new purchase agreement with thevendor.
The agreement terms you have arranged with the vendor are for a 3 percent discount on all of the sporting good products when the order volume over the next month is at least 50,000 USD.
Which commitment type should you use?
A. product quantity
B. product value
C. product category value
D. value
Correct Answer: C

You are the controller at Contoso, Ltd. You have configured the chart ofaccounts for the company and included two main accounts that should be used for posting vendor account balances. MB6-890 pdf One is used for regular external vendor accounts, and the other is used for intercompany vendor accounts.
You need to configure the system touse these two main accounts.
What should you do?
A. Create a vendor posting profile.
B. Create a journal name.
C. Create an inventory posting profile.
D. Create an allocation journal.
Correct Answer: A

You are the payroll manager for your company. You are responsible for paying commission to sales personnel. One rulefor the company is to pay a higher commission rate for new customers. MB6-890 dumps
You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade to calculate these amounts.
What should you set up in Microsoft Dynamics AX to capture the sales from those customersdefined as new?
A. Commission posting
B. Commission calculation
C. Customer group for commissions
D. Sales group
Correct Answer: C

You are the accounts receivable manager.
You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade so that your customer receives a 6 percent discount on all low-margin items that they buy from you from April 1 through April 30.
What should you create?
A. a purchase agreement
B. a price discount journal
C. a line discount journal
D. a sales agreement
Correct Answer: B

You are the purchasing agent for your company.
You create a purchase requisition workflow to control the process.
What are two activities that happen duringthis process? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. submitting the purchase order to the vendor
B. submitting a purchase requisition
C. creating a purchase order
D. approval of the purchase requisition
Correct Answer: BD

You are theaccounting manager for your company and are responsible for setting up the processing of sales orders.
You are asked to add a new product in such a way that allows an entry clerk to add a $65 charge for installation on every sales order. MB6-890 pdf
Which three items can you use to perform this configuration in Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. a supplementary item
B. a charges code
C. an auto charge
D. a service item
E. a stocked product
Correct Answer: BCD

You are the purchasing agent for your company. You create a request for quotation (RFQ) and send it to vendors.
You need to categorize the responses you receive from the vendors. MB6-890 dumps
What should you set up?
A. Purchase agreement classification
B. Results view
C. Reason codes
D. Vendor reply status
Correct Answer: D

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