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400-051 CCIE Collaboration – Cisco:

CLCOR 350-801 – Cisco:

This exam tests your knowledge of implementing core collaboration technologies, including:

  • Infrastructure and design
  • Protocols, codecs, and endpoints
  • Cisco IOS XE gateway and media resources
  • Call Control
  • QoS
  • Collaboration applications

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Latest updates Cisco 400-051 exam practice questions


Which two fields can be used to uniquely identify the same call in the Call Detail Records and the Call Management

Records? (Choose two) 

A. nodeld 

B. globalCallId_callId 

C. callIdentifier 

D. pkid 

E. globalCallId_ClusterId 

F. globalCallId_callManagerId 

G. deviceName 

Correct Answer: BF 


Which capability is support by LLDP-MED but not by Cisco Discovery Protocol? 

A. LAN speed discovery 

B. network policy discovery 

C. location identification discovery 

D. power discovery 

E. trust extension 

Correct Answer: A 

LLDP-MED supports both LAN speed and duplex discovery. Cisco Discovery Protocol supports duplex discovery only,

but this limited support is not seen as a problem because if there is a speed mismatch, LLDP-MED and Cisco Discovery

Protocol cannot be exchanged and thus cannot be used to detect the mismatch. 


Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-051 exam question q3

An engineer mapped the enhance location call admission control configuration to match the physical links and
bandwidth allowances. Assuming no other calls are consuming any bandwidth, how many G722 calls are allowed
between site A and site G?
A. 5
B. 7
C. 12
D. 25
E. 37
Correct Answer: B

When route patterns 200X and 200[0-9] exist in the same partition, how does a Cisco Unified Communications Manager
select a matching pattern when an IP phone places a call to 2005?
A. Cisco UCM alternates between the two patterns.
B. 200X is selected because it has the least characters.
C. Cisco UCM chooses one of the patterns using a logic that is not configurable.
D. Cisco UCM randomly selects one of the patterns.
E. 200[0-9] is selected because it is the most specific match.
Correct Answer: B

Which statement about the iSAC on Cisco Unified Border Element is true?
A. It is a narrow-band codec.
B. It has a fixed frame of 30 milliseconds.
C. It has an adaptive frame of up to 60 milliseconds.
D. It is designed to deliver wideband sound quality in high-bit-rate applications only.
E. It is not yet supported on the Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)
F. It is not yet supported on Cisco Unified Border Element.
Correct Answer: C
iSAC-Internet Speech Audio Codec (iSAC) is an adaptive wideband audio codec, specially designed to deliver
wideband sound quality with low delay in both low and medium-bit rate applications. Using an adaptive bit rate of
between 10 and 32 kb/s, iSAC provides audio quality approaching that of G.722 while using less than half the
bandwidth. In deployments with significant packet loss, delay, or jitter, such as over a WAN, iSAC audio quality is
superior to that of G.722 due to its robustness. iSAC is supported for SIP and SCCP devices. The Cisco Unified
Communications Manager IP Voice Media Streaming App (IPVMSApp), which includes Media Termination Point,
Conference Bridge, Music on Hold Server, and Annunciator does not support iSAC. MGCP devices are not supported.

An outbound call is in progress through a Cisco Unified Border Element using G729r8 codec. And it is dropped after 60
minutes. Root cause analysis revealed that ITSP signaled a codec change to G711u. Which two Cisco Unified Border
Element configuration changes will prevent this problem from happening again? (Choose two)
A. Configure the voice-class sip midcall-signaling block command on the outbound dial peer.
B. Configure the midcall-signaling preserve-codec under voice service voip.
C. Configure the voice class-codec command with G711u and G729r8 codecs on the outbound dial peer.
D. Configure the voice-class sip midcall-signaling preserve-codec command on the outbound 247dial peer.
E. Configure the midcall-signaling preserve-codec command under each outbound ITSP dial peer.
F. Configure the midcall-signaling passthru media-change command under voice service voip.
Correct Answer: BD

To which SIP response category does 301 Moved Permanently belong?
A. Provisional
B. Successful
C. Redirection
D. Client Failure
E. Server Failure
Correct Answer: C
The 301 response from the Web server should always include an alternative URL to which redirection should occur. If it
does, a Web browser will immediately retry the alternative URL. So you never actually see a 301 error in a Web
browser, unless perhaps you have a corrupt redirection chain e.g. URL A redirects to URL B which in turn redirects back
to URL A. If your client is not a Web browser, it should behave in the same way as a Web browser i.e. immediately retry
the alternative URL.

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-051 exam question q8

A Cisco collaboration engineer is writing a report to summarize the call distribution characteristics in a Cisco Unified
Contact Center Express queue. Which three characteristics can be reported about the call distribution? (Choose three.)
A. This queue will not work because no prompt has been selected.
B. Calls to this queue can be distributed in a round-robin manner between agents.
C. Agents that are answering calls for this queue can answer calls to other queues if available.
D. Agents in this queue are expected to finish (wrap-up) a call within 60 seconds.
E. Calls to this queue are handled in the order they were received unless prioritized by the script.
F. Changing the queue name from SupportQueue to Support01 requires updates to the script.
G. Agents logged in to this queue automatically receive calls without the need to do anything else (automatic work).
Correct Answer: CEF

Which three message types for RTCP are valid? (Choose three.)
A. sender report
B. end of participation
C. source description
D. sender codec
E. receiver packets
F. average MOS
Correct Answer: ABC

ABC company has a Cisco Unified CM version 9.1 cluster with seven nodes. The Publisher server suffered a
catastrophic hard disk failure without Cisco Disaster Recovery System backups. Which method to restore the Publisher
node is valid?
A. Take a full DRS backup from all subscribers and reinstall the Publisher from that backup.
B. Promote one of the remaining subscriber to Publisher, then install a new subscriber.
C. The Publisher node cannot be restored, but the remaining subscribers should be sufficient to support the
Collaboration devices and services.
D. Reinstall the publisher node and restore the Publisher database from a subscriber database.
E. Take a DRS backup from a subscriber and reinstall the Publisher from that backup.
Correct Answer: B

In Channel Associated Signaling on a T1 circuit using Extended Super Frame, how many signaling bits does each T1
timeslot have?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 12
E. 24
Correct Answer: C
Each T1 channel carries a sequence of frames. These frames consist of 192 bits and an additional bit designated as the
framing bit, for a total of 193 bits per frame. Super Frame (SF) groups twelve of these 193 bit frames together and
designates the framing bits of the even numbered frames as signaling bits. CAS looks specifically at every sixth frame
for the timeslot\\’s or channel\\’s associated signaling information. These bits are commonly referred to as A- and B-bits.
Extended super frame (ESF), due to grouping the frames in sets of twenty-four, has four signaling bits per channel or
timeslot. These occur in frames 6, 12, 18, and 24 and are called the A-, B-, C-, and D-bits respectively.
References: Reference:

Which message-handling behavior describes how Cisco Unity Connection Single Inbox works for Outlook users who do
not have ViewMail installed?
A. Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are treated as emails without a WAV file attachment.
B. Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are treated as voice messages.
C. Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are treated as emails with a WAV file attachment.
D. Cisco Unity Connection adds a Voice Outbox folder to the Outlook mailbox.
E. Replies to Cisco Unity Connection voice messages are sent to Exchange as well as the Cisco Unity Connection
mailbox for the recipient.
Correct Answer: C
Cisco unity here acts as an IMAP server for the outlook user who don\\’t have view mail installed so user send their
request as an IMAP client and unity will revert back with email and wav file attached to play.

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 400-051 exam question q13

How many calls, inbound and outbound combined, are supported on the IP phone?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 8
D. 12
E. 50
Correct Answer: E
Output incomplete to figure out the answer

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